Herzlich Willkommen! 

Ausgezeichnet, Sie lernen Deutsch. 


Assigned: Monday 1/14
Due: Friday 1/25
Ch 14 Gilded Age

We will look at the latter half of the 1800s through the lens of the Gilded Age. It's the time of immigration and the problems they faced in the urban center. It's the time industrialists and millionaires and those that were bereft with poverty and resources. We will look at the film Far and Away (PG)  which illustrates the clash between the wealthy and the poor. We will take guided notes and write a response essay linking how the film represented the Gilded Age. 

Check in on Friday, Jan 18

Notes and essay for Far and Away

Check in on Friday, Jan 25 with: 

Chapter 14 packet, all sections. 

Notes on industrialists and the railway. 


Assigned: Monday 1/14
Due: Friday 1/25
Chapter 7.2 and Modal Verbs, Adverbs

We will continue looking at Chapter 7 by pursuing section 2 and 3. We will also explore a bit of German history by investigating the roots of English with Germanic invasions of 450 AD. We will bring together the modals and introduce adverbs. 

Check in Friday, January 18 with: 

1. 7.2 section, 5,6,7 page 208

2. Germanic tribes and evolution of English notes 

3. 7.2 worksheet

4. written sentences using modal verbs 

Assigned: Monday 1/7
Due: Friday 1/11
Willkommen Zurück

We will conclude this week with our cultural appreciation of German-speaking countries by studying the basic facts and music of Mozart. We will review German nouns and pronouns and learn about the modal müssen. Check in Friday: 

1. Mozart notes

2. Chapter 7.1, erste stufe (1-4) 

3. noun pronoun activity 

4. Quiz on Friday over 1-3