Herzlich Willkommen! 

Ausgezeichnet, Sie lernen Deutsch. 


Tuesday 12/18/2018



Assigned: Monday 11/26
Due: Friday 12/7
Kapital 6

We will be studying Chapter 6. The first section (erste stufe) this week and second & third section next week. 

In addition to practicing our listening skills with Chapter 6 scenarios, we will complete review worksheets about time and ordering food in a restaurant. Also, we will read a short story, too, picking out the words we know and build our vocabulary. 

*** Semester exam is on Tuesday, December 18

Assigned: Monday 11/5
Due: Friday 11/9
5 Die Kleidung cont'd

We are focusing on buying clothes, expressing our likes and dislikes, and mastering the accusative case. We will focus on our listening skills by practicing hearing German scenarios and completing charts. 

Check in on Friday, November 9: 

1. Die Kleidung crosswords 

2. gut zu hören packet 

3. Erste, Zweite, Dritte page 148-151 all sections. Write out the sentences. 

Assigned: Monday 10/29
Due: Friday 11/9
Kaptal 5 Die Kleidung

You will be introduced to Die Kleidung (clothes) and how to shop and implement the verbs möchten, brauchen, and suchen. 

Your first quiz is over key vocabulary is on Friday, November 2. Study, practice, memorize!!! We will also wrap up Grimm's Fairy Tales by translating your favorite scene into German. 

Check in this week with: 

1. pg 148, first section

2. Quiz on Friday over clothes. 

3. Your Grimm''s fairy tales translation. 

4. The song of the week, Warum by Juli. 

Next week, November 5-9, we will continue with 5.2 and 5.3 and practice hearing and conversing dialogues about shopping. 

Complete 5.2 and 5.3 for check in on Friday, November 9. 


Assigned: Monday 10/22
Due: Friday 11/2
Kapital 4.2,3 Grimm Fairy Tales

This week is an abbreviated week due to PSAT testing on Wednesday. This week we will review for Tuesday test. Thursday we will complete Chapter 4 sections 2,3 and also read the Grimm Fairy Tale, "Rumpelstilsken". On Friday and Monday, we will watch a Grimm Fairytale in English and students will translate a scene in German. Next new information will be the introduction of body parts and clothes. 

Thursday, 10/25 

1. Test on Tuesday 10/23

2. Review report from Monday 10/22 


Assigned: Monday 10/15
Due: Friday 10/19
Willkommen zurück

Hattest du eine schöne Herbstpause? 

We will study student schedules and acquaint ourselves with school subjects. This week we will listen to conversations about school and study how to tell time. We will apply time to school schedules and utilize sequencing words (zuerst,dann,danach, zuletzt) to converse about MUHS schedules. We will also study Grimm Fairy Tales by looking at parallel texts and increasing our vocabulary. 

Check in on Friday: 

1. Little Red Riding Hood annotated, the Star Taler Grimm Fairy Tales

2. Erste Einz, #3, pg 120-121 

3. Song of the week, "99 Red Balloons" 

Assigned: Monday 10/1
Due: Friday 10/5
Oktoberfest Woche!

We will learn about the history behind Oktoberfest. We will learn a new song, a classic of Oktoberfest, " Hände zum Himmel". We will practice common phrases using essen und trinken. (Eat and Drink) 

We will celebrate Oktoberfest on Freitag, October 5. 

Happy Fall break! 


Assigned: Monday 9/17
Due: Friday 10/5
Kapital Vier 4

We will be exploring how to describe our families and how to conjugate more regular verbs. 

Check in on 9/20: 

1. Ch. 4, Section 1, 2 , grammar sections 

2. graphic organizer with 22 common verbs with sentences and questions

3. Verbal Quiz on Friday, 21 over the family and questions 

Check in on 9/28 

1. Quiz over Chapter 4 on QUIA. 

2. song of the week highlighted "Lieblingsmensch" 

3. packet on the Clark Family 


Assigned: Monday 9/10
Due: Friday 9/21
Kapital Drei

Hallo, this week and next week we are studying Chapter 3 in the text book. We will learn how to conjugate the modal verb "Mochten" and practice situational conversations like coming over to your house after school, how is the weather?, and common phrases. We will have a verbal and written test this week. Practice on Quizlet and Quia!!! 

Check in on Wednesday: 

1. Chapter section 1,2 page 88. 

2. Verbal quiz on Thursday for period 1,3 and Friday for period 2  (parent/teacher conferences; dismiss at 1:10pm) 

3. Written quiz on Thursday or Friday over weather and common sayings 

Week 17-20 Homecoming week! 

We will learn about members of the family, clothes, and what's in the house. We will reinforce der,die,das to those nouns. 

Check in on Thursday, September 20 with:

1. Bookwork Chapter 3, section 3

2. graphic organizers for clothes/review colors & the family 

Assigned: Monday 8/27
Due: Tuesday 9/4
Kapital Zwei

We complete Chapter 2 in the textbook by practicing writing and verbally how to greet one another. We are learning how to conjugate regular verbs. We will focus on 5 a week. We are also reviewing common phrases, learning the German song "Einfach Nur Weg". 


Check in on Thursday, August 28, with:

1. Textbook exercises, pg 62, 1-3

2. Conjugate 3x each: kommen, machen, wohnen,spielen, and heissen.

3. Song highlighted 



Assigned: Monday 8/13
Due: Friday 8/24
Kaptial Eins

We will be studying Kapital Eins (One) this week and next week, wrapping up how to greet one another, how we feel, common German expressions, colors and numbers. 

Review for your test on Friday, August 16. Use QUIA and QUIZLET for reviewing. 

Check in on Thursday, August23, All worksheets and book work. 


Assigned: Wednesday 8/1
Due: Friday 8/10
Guten Tag!

We will work on weekly activities and follow the textbook  Komm mit!  Please bring your textbook every day. On Thursdays, you will check in with me and show me the work. It will be worth 20 points. You can expect quizzes and a unit test 1-2x a month. 

We will begin by looking at the geography of the German-speaking countries in Chapter 1. We will also be working on greetings and numbers and colors. On Thursday, August 9, please check in with the following: 

1. geography worksheet

2. colors activity sheets 

3. number worksheets 

4. notes taken during class