English 12

Welcome back, Seniors! You will be studying British Literature and European Literature. We check in on Fridays for the works week. If you miss school on Friday, it is your responsibility to check in on Monday or Tuesday when you return.

Assigned: Monday 3/16
Due: Monday 3/30

Dear Seniors, 

As you lay low for the next couple of weeks avoiding the Coronavirus, this is an excellent time to earn extra-credit. 

All you have to do is read! 

Pick from the list below and read them. Order on kindle or used on Amazon. You will complete a response essay regarding themes contained. 

Try any one of these: 

1. Atonement, Ian McEwan  (WWII Love story) 

2. Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad (a classic tale about the destructive forces of colonization) 

3. Everyone Brave is Forgiven, Chris Cleave (a blind girl and Nazi boy experience WWII) 

4. Beneath a Scarlet Sky, Mark T. Sullivan ( WWII, Italy, Boy is a Nazi spy) 

5. Lord of the Flies, William Golding (WWII, boys shipwrecked on an island) 

Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/28

We will conclude Frankenstein by creating a "Literary Menu" with five courses. 

check-in: 02/21

1. Drinks (vocab)_

2. Appetizer (principal characters, role) 

3. Salad ( 5 short answers, examples from the book of How the book is Gothic. 

Next week we will finish the Main Course and Dessert. 

Check-in on Friday 28 with:

1. Main Dish Part A - Thematic search with examples and analysis 

2.Main Dish Part B - Essay question: Who is the monster? The creation or Dr. Frankenstein? 

3. Dessert -  3 dimensional representation of a theme not picked for the previous essay. Creative such as a cube, a mask, etc. 

Assigned: Monday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/14
Frankenstein Ch 16 - end

Turn in your packet regarding Chapter 16 to the end of the novel. 

Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/7

This week we will be exploring the Romantic text "Frankstein" comprehending the plot and noticing the big questions. 

Check-In: 2/07

1. Ch. 7-14 guided reading questions

Assigned: Monday 1/20
Due: Friday 1/24
Frankenstein Mary Shelley

We will explore the background of Mary Shelley and how she fits in the Romantic period. What were the influences that shaped her novel? What is the myth of Prometheus? We will answer these questions. We will being the 4 letters preceding Chapter 1 and fill out guided reading questions. 

No check-in this week!  Just participate in the discussion. 

Assigned: Monday 1/6
Due: Friday 1/10
Romantic Period

We will be learning about the key parts and characteristics of the romantic period after the background of the time frame and the background to Frankenstein. 

1/10 check-in:

1. Background notes of the elements and characteristics of the Romantic period.

2. Quiz Friday on Gothic characteristics and Romantic period with key poems and poets.