Assigned: Monday 3/16
Due: Monday 3/30

Dear Students, 

For the next two weeks, as you stay at home waiting out the Coronavirus, please use the time to study your Deutsch. Here's a list of activities and things to do to keep mentally active. 

1. Play Quizlet review games. Think of it as preparing for your final exam which will include all that we have learned this year. 

2. Play Quizzz review games. 

3. Youtube: watch EASY GERMAN videos. 

4. Go to SLOW GERMAN with Annie. Listen to her podcast and follow the text. 

5. NETFLIX.  Watch anything with German Audio. 

Please Email me if you have any thoughts or concerns.

Now is the time for extra-credit.  -- Listen to German songs on Youtube. Find and create a music list. Aim for ten. 

Versuchen. Denken. hören Deutsch. 

Bis Montag, Marz 30. 

Frau Bruchman ♥

Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/21
expressing wishes, dative pronouns

This week we learn how to wish for things in German using the dative case with the appropriate pronoun. We will review furniture in the house and sharpen our listening skills. We will learn a new set of vocabulary, expanding and reviewing what we eat and drink. 

Check-in on Friday21: 

1. Das Lied "Major Tom"

2. p. 203 #5

3. Review sheet for furniture of the house and dative pronouns 

4. Listening skills packet 

Assigned: Monday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/14
Quiz on Philosophers and Comparative/Superlatives

You will have a test on Friday regarding the German philosophers (5) and comparatives and superlatives.  

Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/7
K7, Comparatives and Superlatives & German philoso

This week we will be exploring the culture of German philosophy featuring Hegel and Immanuel Kannt. We will explore Chapter 7 by learning comparatives and superlatives. 

Check-In: 02/07

1. Das Lied- "194"

2. Hegel, Kant

3. Perfekt- 13 sentences

4. Slides of Perfekt 

Assigned: Monday 1/27
Due: Friday 1/31
Karl Marx and Prepositions

We will continue looking at German philosophers by examing Karl Marx. This week is our trip to the Zoo! Those that go will create a report describing their behaviors and body parts. Also, we will practice our listening skills and work on Zweite Stufe in chapter 8. 

Check-in on Friday, 1/31: 

1. Karl Marx worksheet/response 

2. Zoo trip prewriting and completed sentences 

3. Zweite Stufe worksheet focusing on Chapter 8 and how you feel. 

Assigned: Monday 1/20
Due: Friday 1/24
Prepositions, Nietzsche

This week we will partake in a cultural exploration of German philosophers. We will start with Friedrich Nietzsche and his philosophy. We will answer the question, "How did Nietzsche's work become perverted by the Nazi regime? Additionally, we will revisit German prepositions and focus on the Accusative and Dative ones by playing review games and practicing for a test next week. Finally, we will practice our listening skills by hearing dialogues in Capital 6. 

Check-in on Friday, 1/24: 

1. Nietzsche worksheet and responses 

2. Ch.6 listening scripts  6, 15, 23, 27 

3. Preposition practice on Quizlet 

Assigned: Monday 1/6
Due: Friday 1/17
K7, Express regret, Dieser, Dativ case

We open up the semester by reviewing via reading comprehension. We will learn about the Dativ case and apply in writing and verbally how to use it. We will learn about Dieser (this) and also learn about Dativ prepositions. Finally, we will review and expand our knowledge base of animals in anticipation of the Zoo trip on Tuesday, Jan 28.

Friday, Jan 10:

1. p.142 Erste 1,2 

2. proof on Quizlet that you learned the animals- Die Tiere  

3. The Seventh Chapter