Welcome to World Studies.  This year we will explore the fascinating story of humans. You will read, write, and discuss civilizations and human history chronologically  using the five themes: 

S.P.I.C.E. [Social; Political; Interactions between humans and the environment; Cultural; Economic] 

Remember to cooperate and go with the flow. You will be successful if you do your work in class, study for tests, and turn your work in. 

Your positive attitude is appreciated! 

Wednesday 5/9/2018

Study for your WWII test, Chapters 31 & 32. 

Wednesday, May 9 

Assigned: Monday 5/14
Due: Friday 5/25

Time to wrap up the school year. We will focus on key people and events from 1950 to 2000. Complete the informational packets and turn them in on Friday, 5/18 and 5/24.  

Finals Day is Friday, 5/25. We will take the Bench Mark. 




Assigned: Monday 5/7
Due: Friday 5/11
WWII rap up

WE will be reviewing this week for the WWII test. The test is on Wednesday. Reread chapters 31 and 32 to prepare. Study your packets. Review your graphic organizers to earn optimum points on the test. 

Assigned: Monday 4/23
Due: Friday 5/4
Holocaust and WWII

We are exploring the 4 stages of the Holocaust this week. We are also watching a segment of the Warsaw Ghetto life in The Pianist.  After that, we will focus on WWII and watch a documentary on how WWII was a Civilian War. You will take extensive notes and then write a 3 paragraph essay explaining how WWII was a Civilian War. After that, we will watch The Book Thief. 

Checkin on Friday, April 27 

1. Chapter 32, "Hitler's Lightning War"  all sections

2. Holocaust notes 


Check in on Thursday, May 4

1. Notes on "How was WWII a Civilian War" 

2. essay on the documentary "How was WWII a Civilian War" 


Assigned: Monday 4/16
Due: Friday 4/20
1920s and 1930s

This week we will focus on key events and people of the 1920s and 30s. This is Chapter 31. We will particularly focus on the key men of the time, the dictators like Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and Tojo and connect them with Allied leaders Roosevelt and Churchill as Fascism and totalitarianism are on the rise. 

Check in on Friday:

1. packet 31, all sections 

2. notes on "Key Men" of the 30s  The World Wars documentary. 

3. response essay on  "Key Men" documentary. 

Assigned: Monday 4/9
Due: Friday 4/20
WWI, Revolution & Nationalism

We will finalize WWI with section 4, a flawed peace with Wilson's 14 Points. You will have a test over WWI on Tuesday, April 10. 

We will continue on Wednesday into Chapter 30, revolution and Nationalism, 1900-1939, focusing on totalitarianism, China, and India's revolution.  Please check in: 

Thursday, April 12

1. Test over WWI 

2. Chapter packet 30 

3. graphic organizers and drawings from class 


Assigned: Monday 3/19
Due: Friday 3/30
19th Century Progress and Imperalism

Welcome back from Spring Break! We are looking at Chapter 26 and 27 this and next week. First, a summative assignment about key inventions and people from the 1800s followed by discovering the key concepts of colonialism and how it's tied up into Imperialism. We We will look at Nigeria as a case study for the "Scramble for Africa". 

Bring to class on Friday for check-in grade: 

1. Packet 26, section four 

2. Section 1.3, chapter 27 packet 

3. writing assignment over 19th century progress