Welcome to World Studies.  This year we will explore the fascinating story of humans. You will read, write, and discuss civilizations and human history chronologically  using the five themes: 

S.P.I.C.E. [Social; Political; Interactions between humans and the environment; Cultural; Economic] 

Remember to cooperate and go with the flow. You will be successful if you do your work in class, study for tests, and turn your work in. 

Your positive attitude is appreciated! 

Tuesday 12/19/2017





Assigned: Monday 11/27
Due: Friday 12/15
Chapter 14

We will be exploring the Crusades, the reforms of the Catholic Church, the 100 Years War and then moving to Chapter 17 to focus on the Renaissance (1500). Please read chapters 14 and 17. 

Finally, we will make our annual historical mask before Christmas Break. 

Friday, December 1, check in: 

1. Chapter 14 packet and summaries 

2. Crusade video and C-notes 

Friday, December 8, Check-In: 

1. Chapter 17 packet 


Assigned: Monday 11/13
Due: Tuesday 11/21
The Middle Ages

Please read Chapter 13. We will concentrate on the social hierarchy of Western Europe. We will watch a documentary on the Plague and apply how the plague affected Europe socially, economically, and religiously. 

Check in on Friday, November 17 with: 

1. Chapter 13, all sections, the key vocabulary and the main ideas for each section. 

2. C-Notes regarding the plague. 

3. Your plague essay. 

Assigned: Monday 10/30
Due: Saturday 11/4
Silk Roads

Please read Chapter 7. Pay close attention to the Silk Roads. Study for your test this Friday. It's over the Mongols, the Byzantine Empire, and the Silk Road. 

Check on this Friday: 

1. map of silk roads, graphic organizer, the writing response to Silk Road. 

2. Review games on Quia. 

3. Test on Friday

Assigned: Tuesday 10/24
Due: Friday 10/27
The Byzantine Empire , Chapter 11, section 1

Since we just finished the fall of Rome and major religions, I want to jump to the Byzantine empire. Read chapter 11 section one. Complete 1-5 on page 306. 


Show me Friday: 

1. major religions test

2. pg 306, 1-5

3. Byzantine video, c-notes and summary 


Assigned: Monday 10/16
Due: Friday 10/27
End of Rome and World Religions

Welcome back from fall break. We will wrap up the Roman Empire by focusing on Monday and Tuesday the Anglo and Saxons. We will look for and document Epic Poem Characteristics from an excerpt of Beowulf. 

Then we will dive back into the textbook and focus on the characteristics of World Religions. 

Check in on Friday with your religion cube and the Beowulf worksheet. 

Assigned: Monday 9/18
Due: Wednesday 9/27
Ch 6 Rome

Read Chapter 6. Complete questions 1-5 at the end of each section. Be prepared to show class notes on Friday. 

Assigned: Tuesday 9/5
Due: Friday 9/22
Greece! Chapter 5

We will be exploring Chapter 5, learning about the city states of Greece, the different types of government they established and aspects about their legacy including drama, government, architecture, Spartan war tactics, and Alexander the Great. 

Check in on Friday with: 

1. graphic organizer of governments

2. Chapter 5 packet


Assigned: Monday 8/21
Due: Thursday 8/31
Chapter 2, River Valley Civilizations

Read Chapter 2 thoroughly. Fill out packet for Chapter 2. 

Turn in Friday 8/25: 

Egyptian essay and packet for Chapter 2. 

Assigned: Monday 8/14
Due: Friday 8/18
Chapter 1 & 2

We complete Chapter 1 with a review worksheet over the sections. Then, we move on to Chapter 2 and start studing the cultural achievements and aspects of the River Valley Civilizations. The focus will be on Egypt. We will watch a documentary that focuses on their engineering feats. 

Check in on Friday: 

1. Chapter 1 review packet. 

2. Chapter 2 reading packet

3. Engineering an Empire notes and response essay

Assigned: Monday 8/7
Due: Friday 8/11
Chapter 1

This week we are examining the origins of humans, their migration patterns, what are hunters and gatherers, what's a complex society found in Chapter 1. Please check in on Friday: 

1. Chapter 1 terms, page 11

2. #3,4,5 from Main Ideas, pg 11