Welcome to World Studies.  This year we will explore the fascinating story of humans. You will read, write, and discuss civilizations and human history chronologically  using the five themes: 

S.P.I.C.E. [Social; Political; Interactions between humans and the environment; Cultural; Economic] 

Remember to cooperate and go with the flow. You will be successful if you do your work in class, study for tests, and turn your work in. 

Your positive attitude is appreciated! 

Monday 1/8/2018

It is a new beginning, a new semester. You have an A+ today. Keep it! here's how: 

1. Do your work in class to avoid homework. 

2. Don't pick and choose the assignments you feel like doing. Ask for help if you are struggling. 

3. Study for tests. 

4. Ask for extra-credit. 

5. I will help you! Ask me. 

Assigned: Monday 2/5
Due: Friday 2/9
Ch21 Absolutism

We are back in Europe looking at Divine Rulers, the Monarchies. Louis XIV, and the concept of Absolutism.  

Please read Chapter 21 and check in on Thursday, 2/8 with: 

1. Packet Chapter 21. 

2. Writing response about Asolutism

Assigned: Monday 1/15
Due: Friday 1/19
Europe Explores the East

We're exploring China and Europeans who traveled East in search of the 3 G's  Glory, Gold, and God. 

Check in Friday with Chapter 19 packet and colorful graphic organizer. 

Assigned: Monday 1/8
Due: Friday 1/12
Chapter 16 Mesoamericans

Welcome back! We are starting with Native Americans and Mesoamerican cultures. We'll be looking at Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans as well as the four regions of Amerindians in North America. Please check in on Friday with the following: 

1. Chapter 16 packet I. 

2. Chapter 16 packet II. 

3. Partner quiz over chapter 16 on Friday.