Herzlich Willkommen! 

Ausgezeichnet, Sie lernen Deutsch. 


Assigned: Monday 3/16
Due: Monday 4/13

Dear Students, 

For the next several weeks, as you stay at home waiting out the Coronavirus, please use the time to study your Deutsch. Here's a list of activities and things to do to keep mentally active. Please look at the "Resource Files" on the school website to obtain weekly folders. 

1. Play Quizlet review games. Think of it as preparing for your final exam which will include all that we have learned this year. 

2. Play Quizzz review games. 

3. Youtube: watch EASY GERMAN videos. 

4. Go to SLOW GERMAN with Annie. Listen to her podcast and follow the text. 

5. NETFLIX.  Watch anything with German Audio. 

Please Email me if you have any thoughts or concerns.

Now is the time for extra-credit.  -- Listen to German songs on Youtube. Find and create a music list. Aim for ten. 

Versuchen. Denken. Hören Deutsch. 

Bis Montag, April 13.  

Frau Bruchman ♥

Assigned: Monday 2/24
Due: Friday 3/6
Weil/Denn, essen und Trinken

We will be learning how to combine sentences using Weil und Denn. Also, we will learn the past tense of sein (was/were). We will learn a new set of vocabulary words studying essen & trinken, what to eat and drink. A test will be given 3/5/2020 over these items. 

Check in on Friday, March 6: 

1. Hey Seeinschwester, song of the week annotations. 

2. p. 238 # 8, text book. 

3. listening activies work sheet

4. Slides over Funftes Kaptial, essen und trinken. 

Test on March 5, Thursday 



Assigned: Tuesday 2/18
Due: Friday 2/21
Past tense

This week we will be learning and applying past tense of sein and practice saying sentences buying groceries.

Check-in: 02/21

1. das Lied "Major Tom" 

2. 9, 10 page 239

3. Weil und Denn Notes 

4. Essen und Trinken Xword 

Assigned: Monday 2/10
Due: Friday 2/14
Quiz Haus Zimmers and all Modals

We will take a test on Thursday over prepositions and the rooms of the Haus. 


Assigned: Monday 2/3
Due: Friday 2/7
Rooms of the House, Modal Verbs in entirety

This week we will be revisiting the slides created last week about rooms of the house. Now, you will add a sentence that includes "Es Gibt" (There is) and describe your room using adjectives and adverbs. 

Check-In: 2/07

1. Forster "194"

2. pg. 236, 1

3. Haus worksheet & Slides with sentences 

Assigned: Monday 1/20
Due: Friday 1/24
Prepositions, modals,Albrecht Durer

This week we will partake in a cultural exploration of the Northern Renaissance artist, Albrecht Dürer. We will study his life and influence and try tracing one of his drawings. Also, we will review the modal verb können with book work practice. Finally, students will be introduced to common prepositions and will practice learning them via quizlet, quizzz, and kahoot for an upcoming test.

Check-in on Friday, 1/24:

1. Dürer tracing 

2. Zweite Stufe (209), sets 5,6 

Assigned: Monday 1/6
Due: Friday 1/17
K5 and Animals, Tiere

We will open up the new semester by reviewing via practicing our reading comprehension. We will revisit the modal verb Mussen in writing and speaking situations. 

Then, we will review words about the weather and practice talking about how often we do things. These concepts are in Chapter 5. 

Check in Friday, January 10:

1. page 208 Erste 1,2 

2. The second chapter, rewrite of the story. 

3. Proof on Quizlet learning a new set of words: animals.